The Church wedding is a religious service. Clergy will conduct the service and we will be asking God's blessings upon the couple. There will be no secular service at First Baptist Church.



The church wedding coordinator will be involved in all weddingsheld at First Baptist Church of Fairport. The wedding coordinator will serve as the liaison between the wedding couple and the church.

To begin your wedding planning with the church, contact Mrs. Betty Brandt at 585.223.1194



The wedding date must be scheduled through the church office at least two months in advance. The date is considered tentative until the wedding couple has had their first meeting with the pastor and posted a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to the church. No weddings will be scheduled during Fairport Canal Days, Christmas or Easter weekends.

A wedding held on Sunday or during a holiday weekend needs additional approval from the Board of Trustees and may require additional fees.



Our Pastor officiates at all weddings held at First Baptist Church of Fairport. If the couple wishes to have other clergy participate, this is to be discussed with our pastor so that the minister may extend the invitation.



The wedding couple should plan to meet with our pastor before the wedding and prepare for the marriage. To scedule your meeting with our pastor, please begin  with our Wedding Coordinator, Mrs. Betty Brandt - 585.223.1194



The church organist, Ed Ruble, or his designate will be the organist for all weddings held at First Baptist Church of Fairport. Any guest organist must meet with his approval.



The couple getting married are expected to regularly attend the church of their choice prior to the wedding.The wedding license must be given to our pastor at or before the rehearsal.

It should be made clear whether or not the minister, soloist, and organist are invited to the reception and/or rehearsal party. No invitation is assumed by their participation in the service. It should also be made clear whether they are welcome to bring a guest.

A church wedding is a worship service. Photographers should be asked to refrain from flash pictures from the end of the processional until the beginning of the recessional. They should avoid noisy film winders and flash units as this detracts from the mood of worship. Video recordings of the service are permitted.

No confetti or rice shall be thrown at the close of the service. Bird seed is acceptable only after all participants are outside the building.

There will be no smoking or alcohol allowed on the church grounds at any time.

Use of the church sound system and bell must be negotiated with the Wedding Coordinator.

Payment for all wedding fees must be received by the wedding coordinator one week prior to the wedding date or the service may be considered canceled.

Payment for the church should be made to "The First Baptist Church of Fairport." Payment for Minister, Organist, and Sound Engineer (if needed) should be paid individually at the amount noted.

Scheduled sanctuary use includes two hours for the rehearsal and three hours for the wedding service. If additional time is required, this will be negotiated with the Trustees.


Wedding fees are as follows:

•· *Use of the Sanctuary, $500.00 (Includes Wedding Coordinator & Custodian)

•· Candelabra/window candles (if used) $ 25.00

•· Minister (includes pre-counseling) $350.00

•· Organist $125.00

•· Sound Engineer (if used) $ 40.00

•· *The Board of Trustees may consider a modification of this Fee for First Baptist Church members, or for special circumstances.


To begin your wedding planning with the church
contact our Wedding coordinator
Mrs. Betty Brandt at 585.223.1194.

Adapted 7/09